The Glitter Box


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Her lifelong friend lying in a coffin, Annie O’Neil snatches Cissy Raven’s topaz brooch before the lid is shut. Julia Devlin, another friend, is shocked at Annie’s action. Later, Annie recalls the dream they had in their teens when they planned to become cat burglars. Hesitant at first, Julia finally joins forces in the planned ventures after a hellish ten days of babysitting.Velvel Chavivi is cursed by a personal devil. Disaster has followed him from his earliest years when he accidentally shattered a ten carat diamond he was about to cleave. He follows the women home after their first successful major theft and gains their sympathy after an accident. Both women are drawn to the pitiful man with no friends.The second heist involves Sukie Mae Fremont’s rubies in Dallas, then Claudia Fanchon’s sapphires in New Orleans. They insist on emeralds for their collection and snatch Sam Cunigdorio’s emeralds in New York but Sam is a high ranking Mafia figure. The women learn the hard way that their luck can only last so long.

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