Conserving Fortified Heritage


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This book is a compilation of papers presented at the first international conference on ‘Challenges Faced in Interpretation and Site Management in Fortifications and World Heritage’, organised jointly by ICOFORT India, the National Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Heritage of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) India, ICOFORT International Scientific Committee, the World Monuments Fund, the School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, UNESCO, and the DRONAH Foundation held in February 2015. It brought together a team of international and national experts, architects and scholars who shared their experiences and opinions, and looked at possible solutions to the problems faced in site management and interpretation of fortifications.

Structured as per conference sessions, the book provides a preface based on the ICOFORT Charter, and is divided into three sections: namely, Classifying Fortified Heritage; Conservation and Management Challenges in Forts; and Interpretation and Tourism Challenges in Forts.

The book will appeal to both a national and international audience, composed primarily of heritage experts, architects, archivists, students of architecture, ICOMOS members, and scholars with a focus on fortifications and world heritage.

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