More Nashville Nostalgia


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This is E. D. Thompson's second collection of facts and memories about the Nashville that we remember. If you read Nashville Nostalgia, then you know that you are about to add to the knowledge and happiness that you derived from that book. If this volume is your first look back at the Nashville of your childhood and your parents' childhood, then you are about to embark on a journey through the history of a city like no other. More Nashville Nostalgia will remind you why Nashville is called the Athens of the South and Music City USA, where your favorite department stores and movie theatres were located, when Hillsboro High School burned down, what big bands played in Nashville, and who Alfred Leland Crabb, Louis Nicholas, Jere Baxter, Ken Bramming, and Bettie Page were. On every page is a name, a food, a street, or a pastime which will spark a happy memory-and for the parts which are new to you, this book will make you wish you had known them! My father's love for the past is infectious, and you will find yourself sharing his wistful reverence for those sights and sounds which will never come again but which will never leave our memories and our hearts. The only treasure more valuable than Nashville nostalgia is more Nashville nostalgia!

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