Spanish Phrases For Dummies


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Studying Spanish for school, business, or travel? Learn the fun and easy way with this portable guide that teaches everyday expressions in Spanish.

Spanish Phrasebook For Dummies covers basic language information, focusing on common phrases to help you in ordinary situations, such as chatting about family, finding your way around, and generally making small talk. From job-related expressions to translations of directions, numbers, and time, it teaches real-world language skills that you can use immediately.

If you’ve never studied Spanish before — or did a long time ago but need a refresher — Spanish Phrasebook For Dummies is for you. With guidance on pronunciation and stress, this handy book is jam-packed with plenty of grammatical examples to help you with verbs, adjectives, gender, plurals, pronouns, sentence construction, how to ask questions properly, and more.

You’ll have ample opportunity to test your Spanish language skills in these scenarios:

  • Counting your money

  • Measuring time and keeping track of days, months, and seasons

  • Introducing yourself

  • Talking about the weather

  • Ordering drinks, snacks, or a full meal

  • Shopping in traditional markets or the grocery store

  • Engaging in tourist or other fun activities

  • Tending to work or other business matters

  • Finding transportation and lodging

  • Taking care of emergencies

With a chapter on phrases native Spanish speakers use every day and another covering phrases fluent speakers would say, you can have fun and impress your friends with this concise phrasebook.

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