RV Investing


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In RV Investing, Ryan Enk not only explores how to turn an RV into a great cash flowing investment, but also inspires you to live life to the fullest. An RV can be a unique type of investment that he calls a "Return To Life" investment. Many people out of fear of risk and the pursuit of security have numbed themselves to the world around them, finding themselves unfulfilled and unhappy. Investing in things like an RV not only provide you with a new way to explore the world yourself, but the also give you the ability to serve the world around you and provide a catalyst to a great experience for others, all while providing you and your family with additional cashflow. In an entertaining yet simple and easy to understand way, he describes how to: - Determine whether you want your investment to be passive income or active income. - Develop your team or your partnership around the type of income you want to achieve. - Learn to use and understand the ROI Calculator at RVRentlife.com. - Decide which RV you would like to purchase while using a Cost Benefit Analysis. - Negotiate and purchase your RV. - Market your RV. - Create and execute the rental operations and processes. With helpful how to steps, anecdotal lessons, and checklists, you will learn what it takes to achieve a high "Return On Investment". But more importantly, you will be inspired to turn a passion into an investment that serve others and awaken your soul to the life around you.

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