Their Guilty Pleasures


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Amid the dangers of WWII England, three women risk everything for love “sacrificing much to achieve their dreams . . . in this pleasurable historical romance” (Booklist).
Southampton, 1940. As three women navigate the struggles of wartime England, their difficult choices—in love and survival—will bring them together and change their lives forever.
For housewife Jenny, her husband’s word is law. But when he decides to enlist, she finds her own voice—and a new friendship with a young GI who becomes her guilty pleasure.
Vibrant Rusty Dobbs is a prostitute by choice, and proudly makes a good living. But when she falls for an American captain, she pretends to be a typist to keep his respect—and win his love.
And finally there is seventeen-year-old Sarah, who is drawn to the young prisoner of war Gunter—the enemy.
If you follow your heart, there is always a price to pay.
“Tate’s trademark complement of emotional interludes, nicely counterbalanced by intimate domestic detail, is on display [and] also offers a popular military setting in which even the antagonists are portrayed sympathetically.” —Booklist

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