Basic Spanish Phrases


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Learn how to say basic Spanish phrases with this fun book and podcast for kids!

Pedro & Pete want to teach you Spanish! This elementary Spanish workbook for kids 3-8 is perfect for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders or anyone who wants to learn a new language!

***Homeschool Friendly*** You can easily use all Pedro & Pete books in your home classroom!

Pedro & Pete books use multiple learning styles to teach Spanish:

  • Listening (Auditory)

The free "Spanish to English" podcast episode of this book on iTunes or Spotify lets readers know how to correctly say the words in a native speaker's Spanish accent.

  • Reading (Visual)

Readers see how the words are spelled as they read along in the book while listening to the "Spanish to English" podcast episode.

  • Tracing (Tactile)

Each page of a Pedro & Pete paperback book is a split screen of the Spanish and English word. But it's not just a regular page... it's a coloring page! Readers strengthen their memory of the word by tracing and coloring in the word.

***Help your child become bilingual!***

This paperback book includes:

  • Engaging workbook content for learning Spanish, developing critical language skills, and having fun
  • Extra large coloring pages perfect for kids to color and turn on their own
  • Simple, easy to read words that give children confidence and motivate them to learn more
  • Useful phrases for greetings, travel, and restaurants
  • Fun cartoon kids teaching how to say basic phrases in Spanish and English
  • A link for the "Spanish to English" podcast so you can listen along as you read
Buy the paperback and learn Spanish today!

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