Labour of Love


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Have you been asked to attend the birth of a baby? Are you wondering what to expect? Learn the secrets to a POSITIVE birth experience!

In this ultimate guide, doula, antenatal teacher and hypnobirthing instructor Sallyann Beresford reveals everything you need to know when preparing to attend the birth of a baby. She identifies key elements of the birth partner role that are not traditionally taught and presents the most up-to-date information, examining all the important issues related to giving birth in these modern times. Over the past 20 years, Sallyann has supported thousands of couples in achieving their dream birth, and she knows exactly what is required to help any woman through labour. Whether you are a spouse, relative, friend, doula or midwife, you'll benefit from the easy-to-follow information and tried- and-tested tools she shares. An excellent understanding of your role during the birth process leads to a positive experience for the pregnant woman and everyone around her.

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