Spanish Phrases for Beginners


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Learn Español before you step off the plane! This beginner's book will make using Spanish phrases feel like second nature.

This phrasebook is the perfect traveling companion for trips to Spain or any other Spanish speaking countries. You'll have everyday terms, popular idioms, conversational phrases, and pronunciation keys when you need them!

Have you always wanted to visit Spain or South America? Now, you have a pocket guide that will help you with the phrases and terms you need to feel comfortable asking for directions, ordering food, or talking about the weather and sports.

Everything a Traveler Needs to Know

Gail Stein, an author of over 27 language books, has compiled Spanish Phrases for Beginners to introduce you to more than basic phrases. The book provides you with information on subtle differences between the peninsula and Latin America Spanish and modern additions such as commonly used social media and internet terms.

This book is a foolproof guide to everything you need to know about common Spanish phrases and basic conversation starters. Visit Spanish speaking countries with confidence and excitement to explore.

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