I Can Relate to That!


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Wouldnt it be great if you could go out and buy a magic wand to wave over your problems? Dr. Linda Howards toolbox is your magic wand, filled to the brim with essential tools for living collected over a lifetime of challenges including depression, anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, multiple divorces, drug addiction and a bipolar husband whose sudden suicide left the family stunned and nearly destroyed their children. What makes this author amazing is that shes managed to use each and every challenge to accomplish a transformation that shows in her everyday joy in living. The reader feels an immediate connection as she shares what professional psychologists rarely do: her uncensored thoughts, feelings and experiences. I Can Relate To That! Is a personal guide for your own life journey. Dr. Howard captivates you with wisdom, insights, humor, and remarkably simple fixes for lifes challenges, sharing the lessons she learned and the specific tools that turned her own life around. Her self-help tools will become your jewels faster than you can say, I Can Relate To That!

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