my life's journey


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 A superbly crafted genealogy book which allows you to enter and record every aspect of your life's history.

My life’s journey, is a unique genealogy book, as you turn each page it will prompt and help you remember your very first memories, whilst providing the pages to record those memories and moments, you can paste all your favourite pictures of those whom you love in the places provided.

So from the very first memories and on, you can record all your achievements – all those special things that have happened in your life, the past, the present and future events can be recorded here and presented beautifully, allowing you to hand it down to your family and those that are special to you, a true legacy for future generations. Yes, your children and your children’s children and on, will be able to read about your life in detail and envisage your life through your writings and the pictures pasted inside my life’ journey.

Within the content of this book you will find some helpful documents to help plan your future and its most critical needs, these include a Will Kit and Codicil, an Advanced Health Care Plane, an Enduring Power of Attorney appointment and a Enduring Guardianship appointment, all put there for your security and ease of access.

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