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 I don’t know how many times I have witnessed many of my friends and family members involved in happy, loving and committed relationships, sad and alone the next day. What could have happened? Who was to blame for the relationship not working out? What’s even more confusing is being introduced to someone new days later. I know you are thinking it’s none of my business why this is happening. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand sometimes things don’t work out for whatever reason, you just have to move on. For many of my family and friends this was happening on a regular basis. I wasn’t sure why this was happening to the people I loved around me, but I was going to find out. What I learned I tell you shocked the pants off of me, my friends and loved ones had “commitment phobia." To make it worse many of them did not believe in going to counseling and sharing their feelings with someone they did not know. I wanted to help them deal with their fears of rejection, commitment, trust issues and many other issues that caused them to pull away from love. Once more I wanted them to see that love was not death, but their way of thinking is what killed their relationships. My intentions are to teach you how to deal with your commitment phobe so you can win at love.

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