Across America by Motor-Cycle


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" ...When I arrived at New York I purchased a motor-cycle and set out to cross the continent to the Pacific, and I have it on the best authority that this was the first time an Englishman had ever accomplished the trip on a motor-cycle.In the following pages I have endeavoured to portray America and Americans exactly as I found them and as they appealed to me. If at times I perchance may give offence to any who are lovers of all and anything American, I do it without intent. Suffice it to say that before I went I had the highest opinion of anything that came from that worthy country, so that it cannot be claimed that I am one of those " Pro-British-every- time " individuals who delight in criticizing other countries and other peoples in order to gratify their own sense of national or other superiority."RAF Captain Charles Kenilworth Shepherd's account of riding his motorcycle across the U.S. in 1919.

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