Complexities Along My Life's Journey-But God


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 Everyone has a story but few take time to tell their story. Complexities Along My Life’s Journey-But God, Wayne Heil has shared an interesting narrative that begins with a German family moving to Russia, escaping by night to America in fear of the oncoming Bolshevik revolution, and finding a home in South Dakota. It was here that Wayne’s personal story begins in Mobridge. What follows is a fascinating narrative of loving families, beautiful romance, and marriage to two beautiful women, varied successful ministries, and sometimes even bitter disappointment. In spite of several setbacks and discouragement, this story is about a triumphant life that is rooted in the rich soil of a deep faith. The church would be blessed if more people of faith would share their trials and triumphs as honestly as Wayne Heil has in this engaging account of his faith journey.


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