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During WWII, Frankie Broderick at the age of eighteen tastes his first experience of warfare on the beaches of Normandy. Captured by the SS and believing his time in a prison camp would be more comfortable, he decides to impersonate his dead doppelganger, Captain Simon Carey. He feigns amnesia to cover his deception. What he did not count on was that Carey is a murder suspect. Lieutenant Patrick Starkey is a playboy. His drinking habit spirals out of control when he learns of his sister's murder. Dissatisfied with the police investigation, he decides to pursue the murderer himself. These two men with dissimilar backgrounds are brought together in bizarre circumstances, which results in a horrific and unbelievable scenario. Frankie not only has to endure the starvation and the brutality in Stalag IV-B, but also must convince friends and enemy alike that he is indeed a British officer. A tense thriller packed with twists, which will keep you guessing the identity of the murderer until the final pages.

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