Across America by Motor-Cycle


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A veteran of World War I, British RAF Captain C.K. Shepherd arrived in New York in June 1919, bought a top-of-the-line Henderson four-cylinder motorcycle, and headed west on a solo cross-country adventure to see America, arriving in San Francisco two months later. Having completed his voyage, he sold his beloved motorcycle, dubbed "Lizzie," on the street in San Francisco and then made his way back to his home in Birmingham, England. Three years later, he wrote Across America by Motor-Cycle--a memoir and travelogue that has become a motorcycle history classic. This book is now in the public domain and has been reprinted and made electronically available by others. However, all other known print reproductions contain low-quality images from the original book and the electronic versions all have numerous typographical errors apparently caused by errors in optical character recognition.This print version has been painstakingly reset and proofread, and all images re-scanned from an original print of the book or the original photographs to present the original book as it was first published in the highest quality possible.The photograph on the cover is from C.K. Shepherd's personal collection. It was taken in front of the Henderson agent in Kansas City, Missouri, on July 11, 1919. Pictured is C.K. Shepherd and the Henderson agent, Arthur Stephens.For more information, please visit:http://acrossamericabymotorcycle.comMark L. Hunnibell

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