My Life's Journey


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In pursuit of an affordable opportunity to travel and see the world and meet with the native people of these various foreign countries, the book tells of how the writer was able to make contact with natives in their homeland, see and learn of their daily, typical lifestyle and simultaneously, assist the United States Government with achieving some of it’s national goals and national prides.

The book, as its story unfolds, tells how the writer accomplishes his twofold interest, as he joined and became a solid force amongst his technical team, providing his technical expertise to some of this countries largest, leading edge technology, defense contractors.

The book tells the story how the writer joined with highly trained and skilled engineers, scientists, and technicians and shared his technical work experience and technical skills with these respectable, trained professionals on some of NASA’s, highly publicized, space explorations and missions programs.

Dell Wright has traveled to such exotic places as, Hong Kong China, Singapore, Bangkok Thailand, Taiwan, Nigeria & Kenya Africa, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, Ecuador, S.A., Bogota, Columbia, S.A., England, Germany, Amsterdam, Mahe Seychelles Island and more.

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